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Metal bird — Art Gallery in Staten Island, NY

Custom Sculptures in Staten Island, New York

At Lenny's Creations in Staten Island, New York, we display only custom-made sculptures made of raw metal. Artist Lenny Prince bends, twists, grinds, sands, and paints metal from start to finish to create truly original sculptures of all sizes, some as tall as 10-feet high!

Metal Sculptures Include:

• Insects
• Pirates
• Soldiers
• Pop Stars
• US President
• Tanks
• Aircraft Carriers
• Twin Towers
• Interactive Space Ship

See These Creations

Visit our art gallery today and experience the fun and wonder of Lenny's Creations. Some sculptures are interactive, which means you can go inside of them and play video games! You're sure to find the piece that calls to you in our 6,000 square-foot showroom, which offers two sections of sculptures for large and small pieces. These sculptures can be displayed either inside or outside. See the creations here!

Lenny builds all sculptures by himself, either by imagination or replicating one of his original designs. He welcomes school trips, birthday parties, tourists, and the general public to view his work.

Staten Island's Own Space Shuttle

After the end of the shuttle program, New York City sought to get one of the retiring spaceships to display. Inspired by this, Lenny built his own very realistic spaceship out of used auto parts. Now Staten Island has its own Space Shuttle!
Space shuttle — Art Gallery in Staten Island, NY
For more information about these unique custom sculptures by our talented artist, contact or visit our museum in Staten Island, New York.